Friday, 6 April 2012

Introducing Charlie & Grace

These mice are Charlie and Grace, hand-knitted by my Mum recently.

She made them to feature on our website and help us model our pottery pieces. They will also be accompanying us at our outdoor events as Doodlebugs mascots. So, if you spot them leave a comment and let us know where you saw them.

Pottery Easter Egg Cups and Easter Knitting & Crochet!

Suddenly it is almost Easter so we have been busy painting pottery for our Easter events.

I posted pics of some of our Easter bisque on here a few weeks ago but it looks so much better painted, so here we go......

from bisque to this with Mayco Jungle Gems glaze

A plain car egg cup

transformed into this with Mayco Stroke and Coat

We also have standard egg cups

and chick shaped egg cups

And of course hand-knitted egg cosies to go with them....

Join us if you can at Priory Gardens, Orpington, Kent for the Easter Fair on Monday 9th April 2012 at 11am-12.30pm