Monday, 28 November 2011

Crochet Update

There are so many great projects I want to do and so little time to do them all! Every time I go onto the computer I find another pattern I love and want to try and now I have got the basics of crochet that's another craft I can add to my long list.

After my lesson in half term I have got the crochet bug, I love it. So relaxing and more satisfying than knitting, with just the one stitch to worry about!

I have started to crochet this in  a lovely chunky yarn (Sirdar Connemara 359) which is a pretty brown, yellow, orange and pink mix.

The pattern is American so watch out for the differences between double crochet and treble. I also added a few stitches to the foundation chain to start with so instead of 37 stitches I did 57 but apart from that it is a great pattern for a beginner. I will post a photo of the finished cowl as soon as I finish it which at the moment won't be any time soon. I do hope to finish it by Christmas though!

Here are some pictures of other things I want to try...... I particulary like this floral baby blanket but it looks like an awful lot of work! I don't know if the original pattern is available for there is a free download for something similar here

This looks more achievable (pattern here) and if you don't fancy crochet there is also a tutorial for a knitted star. 

These would look so pretty hanging on a garland or on your Christmas tree
I also love these snowmen from mochimochiland (they are knitted rather than crocheted), you have to buy the pattern but it is only $2.00, how could you resist?

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