Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Easter Pottery Ideas

We have just been very kindly invited to attend a local Easter Fair in Oprington, Kent on Monday 9th April from 11am -12.30pm. It is so lovely to know that google works and people can find you on the internet! So, we are really looking forward to being there  (fingers crossed for the weather) and as it is only about 6 weeks away it started me thinking about some Easter pottery ideas.

 I love this bunny bowl (£12) he is just so cute

and this is Henrietta (£8) she is available with or without wrought iron legs to stand on.

We have a number of other items available such as these pre designed 4inch Spring tiles at £4. The picture has been fired on already so all you need to think about is colour

and of course egg shapes and egg cups, bowls plates etc.

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